Interview with Andreas Kiefer


Prof. Andreas Kiefer is managing partner of CONVOTIS.


As Co-Managing Director of CONVOTIS, you are particularly concerned with the topics of HR Solutions & Services. Which services do we cover here exactly?

In the area of HR Solution & Services, we accompany the entire process of personnel administration. With our cloud software and our service processes, we actively support the entire employee administration in the company.
This means that all processes from hiring to retirement can be mapped by us for the respective company with our SaaS solution. In addition, our employees can also take over the activities of internal personnel administration as part of a complete outsourcing.
It is important to us that our customers are free to choose at any time which processes they want us to carry out. In today’s hybrid world between advanced digitalization on the one hand and still numerous analog processes on the other, we offer our customers an optimal solution at all times.


Digital HR transformation: What developments do you see here on the market for our customers in the next five years and how can we help them to support their HR management even better digitally?

In my view, digital transformation in HR does not mean simply digitizing existing analog processes. That is, where a file used to be passed on, a PDF of the file is now part of a workflow. Or instead of talking to applicants in person, we now simply do it via video.

For me, digital transformation in HR means that in the future we will have to rethink all processes related to finding employees, retaining employees or administering employees.

Modern HR service systems provide a variety of functions that are interlinked and support each other.
This means that the personnel search is automatically started for open positions and digital applicant data is automatically compared with existing skills. Learning systems pre-select the best applicants and at the same time provide management with analyses of the personnel market. To give one example.

Another example is employees share all relevant information for payroll directly with the system via apps. Additional information comes from time management or directly from social security and tax authorities. This then results in legally correct payroll accounting. This is largely automated and does not require a large number of employees.

Studies by Prof. Dr. Wullenkord and myself have shown that a large part of the funds used in companies for personnel is spent on the administration of the employees. If a part of it would benefit the further education and the better equipment of the employees themselves, this could support the fight of the enterprises for the best brains considerably.


xdot also describes itself as a “one-stop-shop”, to what extent does the incorporation into the CONVOTIS Group change the validity of this phrase?

We call xdot a “one-stop-shop” because it has always been our goal to solve a large number of issues for our customers in the area of digitalization of business processes. This means that we do not only want to offer our customers a specific service, but also ensure that this service works perfectly with the software and service products they use.

Our main interest has always been the customer’s need to ensure reliable interaction, even with different system environments, hardware suppliers or networks. Digital technologies and services should be easy for our customers to use, without the need for advanced technical knowledge.

With the integration into CONVOTIS, this goal is strengthened once again and enlarged by a multitude of further options. 500 employees at 12 locations increase our know-how for our customers. At the same time, we increase the security of our service provision, and we can now offer comprehensive service and support in a 24/7 model. Specialists who, just like us, are interested in the best possible solution for our customers, expand our existing capabilities.

With the incorporation into CONVOTIS, the shop will thus be larger, of higher quality, more international and open throughout. As our motto already says: Strong like a corporation and agile like a start-up.



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