The current opportunities and challenges in the IT industry.

We talked to Rainer Steinlesberger, Sales Director at CONVOTIS, about current opportunities and challenges in the IT industry.


Dear Rainer, you have recently joined CONVOTIS. We would like to introduce you to our readers.

I have been in the position of Sales Director at CONVOTIS for 4 weeks now and have already been able to get very good insights into the company.

I enjoy my free time with my family and my hobbies. From volleyball to mountain biking to freeriding in winter, I love sports as a balance to my daily work routine.

After studying business informatics and medical informatics, I worked for SIEMENS and most recently T-Systems. I worked in the product and solution business, in various management positions in the areas of delivery and sales.


With your extensive industry experience, we are very interested in your assessment of trends. What will 2022 bring?

Cloud: Sovereignty and democracy are currently on everyone’s lips politically. I think we will now encounter the topic of sovereignty much more often in IT as well. Hybrid cloud architectures and management will move even more to the forefront of all our IT discussions.

Digitization of business processes: The Covid 19 pandemic shows companies that digital technologies are inevitable to arm themselves against crises in today’s world. From mobile working in the home office to supply chain management or Industry 4.0 in the cloud to name a few buzzwords. I would put it even more drastically: If you want to stay competitive, you have to drive digitization. I therefore expect to see many digitization projects in business-relevant processes. In addition to all the technology, the close cooperation between business and IT will be an enormously important success factor.

Culture: Digitization is advancing, but technology alone will not solve the challenges this year or in the future. Consistent change management in the companies will be an essential factor and will show who will emerge as the winner in the coming years.


What do you want to focus on at CONVOTIS in relation to these trends?

We can look back on many years of experience and intensive customer relationships in the areas of Cloud Infrastructure & Modern Workplace. With the additional locations in Germany and the associated increase in the number of employees in the CONVOTIS Group, we can take advantage of even more synergies and act even more flexible for our customers.

In the area of cloud infrastructure, we want to offer our customers especially our competences in software development in combination with cloud operation.

We are proud to be listed among the top 10 SAP implementation partners in Austria with all our skills and references in the SAP environment. Here we can score with excellent references especially in the industrial environment.

Our skills in Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Document Management Systems (DMS) are a real addition to our SAP portfolio from the CONVOTIS Group. I would like to position the newly gained know-how in the group accordingly in the market.

A major topic for the near future will also be to design our processes in a simple and clear way, so that we can act with maximum flexibility, but still produce quality standards, which are our demands regarding the size of CONVOTIS.


We are working intensively together to build up our new CONVOTIS brand. From your point of view, what opportunities have been created from the newly integrated companies?

The IT service provider landscape is large. More than three quarters of IT services companies have less than 50 employees. At the same time, several large service companies have emerged in the DACH region who have made a name for themselves on the global market. As CONVOTIS, we want to find exactly this niche and act for our customers both agilely like a startup and, due to our size, “Strong like a corporation”.

In the first few weeks, I have met employees in various locations in Austria and Germany with high skills, abilities and a strong customer-oriented mindset. This is motivating for the future. The challenge here is to promote and expand what has been tried and tested and to create something new. The focus there lies clearly on our customers.


Would you like to drive your business processes forward? We would be happy to help you and look forward to hearing from you.



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